I have had the pleasure of seeing Jeff and Connie minister multiple times at our church in Powderly Texas, but I have never witnessed their life as evangelists on the road. This all changed when we were asked to join them in Stillwater Oklahoma for a board meeting concerning their ministry. While we were there, they also ministered to the men at the Stillwater Adult and Teen Challenge campus. This entire trip was such a blessing in so many ways. From our arrival at the bed-and-breakfast, ran by the most holy spirit filled couple, to the joyful laughter and fellowship had by all the board members, but above all, witnessing God work in broken lives.

Jeff’s words are extremely powerful and how he reaches the souls of these men and touches every single heart is remarkable. Watching him walk back-and-forth with such a presence and speaking to the life he knew so well, bringing himself down to the level of these men, so that they could see themselves in him was one of the most incredible things I have ever seen. The Lord asks us to find our purpose through Him, and to fulfill that purpose, living for Him each day. Jeff and Connie are truly living their purpose and glorifying the Lord along the way. Watching them humble themselves and re-live their most trying moments just to touch one life and make a difference in one heart is an amazing thing to see.

Connie‘s love and compassion seeps out of her and onto these men, she is pouring her heart and soul into each life that she encounters. She is also able to give a completely different side than Jeff when it comes to addiction, and I saw how valuable the information that she shared was to all of those men in the center. I was able to witness men being filled with the Holy Spirit and weeping for an entire service. I truly saw a change in their spirits from the first moment of arrival until the last service when we were leaving. I believe In His Grip Ministries is truly a vessel working for the Lord and dripping with the Holy Spirit everywhere they visit. Just being in the presence of Connie and Jeff is such a blessing but being able to witness them in action was a life-changing experience that I will never forget, and always cherish.

 ~Micah Miles ~ Board member of In His Grip Ministries~


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